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"we speak about the loneliness of a long distance runner,
but there may be no one more  lonelier than a surgical
pathologist working solo ... easy access to consultation is
a prerequisite for accurate diagnosis and accordingly for
optimal patient care"

Stephen Sternberg Surgical Pathology preface to the first ed. 1989  


The aim of this site is to alleviate the „loneliness of surgical pathologists working solo“, by providing a platform for second opinions. At present it is primarily focused on hematopathology, Eventually, we hope to be able to extend to other areas of pathology.

Currently active groups

Hematopathology, general
Consultations in hematopathology
from other areas, not mentioned below
Coordination: S.Hoeller,  U.Mickys,

Pathology, Anglophone Africa,
Coordination: N.Hurwitz

Pathology, Francophone Africa,
Coordination: M.Raphael

Pathology, Pacific Region and South East Asia,
Coordination: I.Garbett

Clinical Oncology
Consultations in clinical oncology can be submitted as a pilot.
Coordination: N.Hurwitz

Demo Cases

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For any other questions, in particular related to medical issues contact: N.Hurwitz

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