Bienvenue sur le site iPath pour le RAFT, le Réseau en Afrique Francophone pour la Télémédecine.

iPath est un logiciel libre développé à l'Université de Bâle qui permet la publication de cas pour lesquels un deuxième avis médical est souhaité auprès d'experts participant au réseau iPath. Les cas doivent être anonymisés et soumis au groupe "RAFT Forum". Ils sont revus par les modérateurs du groupe, qui s'assurent de leur complétude, puis publiés à destination du ou des groupes d'experts concernés.

Les modérateurs et administrateurs de ces groupes sont le Dr Cheikh Oumar Bagayoko et le Professeur Antoine Geissbuhler. Ils peuvent également vous aider pour vous inscrire dans le système et vous former à son utilisation.

Pour en savoir plus sur le RAFT:

Please fill in the Follow up documents
How to fill in the follow up document: Click on the document, then on edit at the top of the sitet and fill in the inquired informations.For us it is very important to make statitic of the real benefit for the patients. That is the reason why we ask our user for these informations. I know it is really much work, but it would be a great help for us to get financial support from the governments of the countries for which our consultants provide support for doctors and patients.
Happy New Year 2020
The iPath team wishes you all a good start to the new year 2020, good luck and health for you and our patients, and is looking forward to continued good cooperation. Best regards Monika Hubler
Oral Surgery Forum
We have setup this new Dental Forum with the purpose to connect all interested dentists and support them, either they have problems in diagnosis or therapy, or they will publish their own results or methods, which could assist other colleagues to solve their problems by discussing cases on the platform iPath. If you are interested to participate in this forum, please feel free to contact the moderator of the group Dr.Manfred Meyer or Monika Hubler Admin. of
Follow up informations are very important after sending cases and getting second opinion
Dear user, our repeated request to you again. Telemedicine projects are usually supported if they provide evidence of the improvement of the health situation in the partner countries. So far only the total numbers of users and groups as well as the increasing monthly case numbers of predominantly individual projects such as SHCH Cambodia, Mazar E Sharif and the open forums, such as dermatopathology cytopathology and histopathology have been considered. However, the case numbers are dependent on numerous non-medical factors, among others on the "marketing interests" of the peripheral partners, but so far there are no criteria which describe the influence on the medical situation in the partner countries. The success of telemedicine can only be documented and at the same time the quality of telemedicine can be improved by the feedback of the clinician the user sending back this information to the consulting partner (experts). Unfortunately, about 60% of all requests from the "experts „were not answered and only 20 % of additional information in the form of supplementary images of further clinical information was send to the experts so that a discussion of difficult cases usually remains open and the diagnosis remains vague . The frequently used polite phrase “thank you” is not sufficient to document the influence of tele diagnosis on therapy. In future cases, please add the following information as feedback to the case later. 1 clinician accepts tele diagnosis Yes/No 2 clinicians implement the diagnosis in their therapy concept Yes/ No 3 clinicians report short-term follow up on improvement of symptoms or cure Yes / No Despite the additional effort, the measure can contribute to the general improvement of the medical situation and document the success of telemedicine. We ask for your feedback best regards Dr Gerhard Stauch