Dear User, As already announced on the homepage on February 27th 2023, the iPath platform (hereinafter: iPath) can no longer be hosted by the previous provider (BASYS DATA). To ensure the continued existence of iPath, the iPath Telemedicine Network was founded on May, 29th 2017 as a non-profit, liable company (iPath Telemedicine Network gGmbH;; hereinafter: iPath-gGmbH). For the above reason of discontinued hosting by BASYS DATA, iPath had to be migrated to a new provider (PAICON; All groups were informed by iPath gGmbH by e-mail about this change of provider and agreed to the transfer of their data. The transfer will be accompanied by an update by PAICON, free of charge for iPath, which corresponds to a complete reprogramming of the platform and will provide it with numerous new functionalities (iPath 4.0). Unfortunately, the old iPath version is no longer compatible with the new version. For this reason, the existing data cannot be transferred to the new system (iPath 4.0). After the migration, PAICON will try keeping the old data accessible on the PAICON server in their previous form to ensure working as usual. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Another consequence of the update is that all groups and users willing to use iPath3.0 must re-register on the PAICON server. The old usernames and passwords cannot be transferred for data protection reasons. The new access codes must comply with the PAICON specifications. Instructions will be published on the homepage ((;) as soon as the transfer has been completed. The moderators of all groups will then be informed by e-mail.
To find out more information about the further development of iPath, contact the following email addresses. Best regards Monika Hubler
Dear iPath Users,

As already announced, the previous provider, Basys Data, will no longer be hosting the iPath platform in the future. In order to ensure the continued existence of the iPath platform (hereinafter: iPath), the non-profit liable company iPath Telemedicine Network gGmbH (; hereinafter: iPath-gGmbH) was founded some time ago in order to be able to act as a contractual partner for a new provider.

In the meantime, a new partner has been found in consolidated companies PAICON Cloud GmbH and PAICON GmbH (PAICON), which will also be able to take over the hosting of iPath in the future. PAICON was founded by former employees of the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) in Heidelberg and operates a GDPR-compliant cloud. The main business purpose of the PAICON companies is the development of medical software as well as the operation of a medical cloud platform for data-driven disease management.

In addition, the original iPath software (iPath 2.1.15) is not only outdated, but can also no longer be updated, so that reprogramming is mandatory (iPath 4.0).

PAICON has already developed a new iPath version (iPath 4.0) in cooperation with iPath-gGmbH and integrated it into its platform. As of today, iPath 4.0 has new additional functions, which will be extended in the future. No development costs were incurred by the iPath network or its users. In the future, iPath should also profit from the further developments of the PAICON platform. For this purpose, a cooperation agreement between PAICON and iPath-gGmbH was signed on 23.06.2022.

PAICON pursues a commercial business purpose, which among other issues deals with biomedical research, but also supports humanitarian projects such as iPath. In return for the support and hosting, PAICON shall therefore receive a right of use, according to the cooperation agreement, to the data of the iPath groups. Of course, this only applies to those groups and users who wish to continue working with iPath3.0.

This agreement would allow commercially interested parties to work with the anonymised or pseudonymised data on the PAICON platform, e.g. to optimise machine learning procedures or to exclude technical or biological variances that could otherwise be considered diagnostic features, although they only have to do with differences in delivery, but not with the actual data, the "content" of the cases.

Technical measures implemented by PAICON prevent the data itself from being downloaded from the platform or coming into the disposal of third parties. The data is used solely on the PAICON server infrastructure. Only the results obtained, but not the source data located on the platform, can go to commercial interested parties.

However, the migration of the groups from Basys Data to PAICON can only take place with the consent of the groups and users. A migration to another server will be necessary in any case because iPath, even in its old form (iPath 2.0), will no longer be hosted by Basys Data in the future. If you want to continue working with iPath2.0, you will have to take over moderation, hosting, service and IT support yourself. The final migration has not yet been determined, but should take place in the first quarter of 2023.

As you are a moderator of a group, we are contacting you and asking to discuss in your group whether you agree to a migration of your group to the PAICON server. It should be clarified that there will be no organisational change for you. Your contact partner is and remains iPath Telemedicine Network gGmbH.

Whether the previous data can be transferred depends on several factors. The most important is to ensure that all old data is anonymised or at least pseudonymised, otherwise the transfer of any data to third parties (in this case from Basys Data to PAICON) is not permitted for data protection reasons. The following are two examples of data sets for illustration; the first can be considered pseudonymised and the second not:

  1. histopathological image with
    a) diagnosis
    b) Age in years at diagnosis
    c) Gender
    d) Ethnicity
  2. photo of an X-ray with blurred name of the person
    a) Diagnosis
    b) Age in years at diagnosis
    c) Gender
    d) Ethnicity

In the age of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence, the difference between anonymised and pseudonymised is unfortunately, at least from a legal point of view, no longer fully given; therefore, even genuinely anonymised data is treated as pseudonymised for security purposes. Whether the old data can be processed IT-wise in such a way that it can be transferred to iPath3.0 without individual processing cannot yet be foreseen. However, we are working on a solution to park the old data in its previous form and keep it accessible if you want to use iPath 3.0 for the future.

All existing users will need to re-register in their groups on the iPath 4.0 platform. This includes agreeing to both the cooperation agreement and the new terms of use, which are still being revised at the moment.

iPath-gGmbH and PAICON are already in active exchange on how the previous data can be saved. A loss of the old data stock should be prevented in any case, but this cannot be ruled out in the event of a server failure with the current solution at Basys Data.

If you decide to do so, we need your written consent for data protection reasons (signed letter as PDF document by e-mail), in which you confirm that your group agrees to the migration to the PAICON server, that the data is available in at least pseudonymised form and that it may be used according to the specifications of the cooperation agreement. A letter proposal can be requested as a Word document at:

If your group does not want to use iPath 4.0, please also inform us and the company Basys Data; (e-mail:, which will ensure that your data is not migrated to the new server. However, you will then have to take care of a new provider and the hosting of your data yourself in the future.

Please send your reply as soon as possible to:

iPath Telemedicine Network gGmbH
Management: Monika Hubler
Mittlere Strasse 16/4
D-79576 Weil am Rhein

“Unfortunately, we have the sad task to announce that last Easter Monday, one of the founding members of iPath, Dr. Nina Hurwitz passed away. "We stand on the shoulders of giants, that's why we can see so far," Newton said. This applies to Nina very aptly. It was she like no other in the last 20 years after her retirement to spread her shaping hands out into the wide world - including Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa - to teach our colleagues about hemaptopathology in countries with more limited access to resources hereby listening to theirs' and patients' concerns in often godforsaken places to finally start meaningful aid projects. Doing this, Nina consciously and unconsciously positively influenced the fate of countless fellow women and men: what a sign of humanity, and contrary to what she experienced in her childhood at the time of World War II and persecution of Jews. Her dedication to people was endless; in fact, up until two weeks ago, she kept in touch with friends around the world on her projects. Regrettably, a bad illness robbed her the power of continuing and she had to say goodbye forever.
The iPath team wishes success and good health for another challenging year in which telemedicine was able to make a good contribution to diagnostics and therapy. Many thanks to everyone who made this possible. Sincerely for the whole team Monika Hubler
The Haematopathology Forum on the iPath Telemedicine network is still open for all registered user. If you don´t have access please contact: Prof. Dr. med. Alexandar Tzankov Moderator of the group Administration
The iPath team wishes you all a good start into the new year 2021. After a very challenging year 2020, which was characterized by a global pandemic, the most important wish is, besides good luck, above all, health for you and your families, as well as our patients. We look forward to a continued good and successful cooperation. Sincerely, Monika Hubler
How to fill in the follow up document: Click on the document, then on edit at the top of the sitet and fill in the inquired informations.For us it is very important to make statitic of the real benefit for the patients. That is the reason why we ask our user for these informations. I know it is really much work, but it would be a great help for us to get financial support from the governments of the countries for which our consultants provide support for doctors and patients.
The iPath team wishes you all a good start to the new year 2020, good luck and health for you and our patients, and is looking forward to continued good cooperation. Best regards Monika Hubler
We have setup this new Dental Forum with the purpose to connect all interested dentists and support them, either they have problems in diagnosis or therapy, or they will publish their own results or methods, which could assist other colleagues to solve their problems by discussing cases on the platform iPath. If you are interested to participate in this forum, please feel free to contact the moderator of the group Dr.Manfred Meyer or Monika Hubler Admin. of
Dear user, our repeated request to you again. Telemedicine projects are usually supported if they provide evidence of the improvement of the health situation in the partner countries. So far only the total numbers of users and groups as well as the increasing monthly case numbers of predominantly individual projects such as SHCH Cambodia, Mazar E Sharif and the open forums, such as dermatopathology cytopathology and histopathology have been considered. However, the case numbers are dependent on numerous non-medical factors, among others on the "marketing interests" of the peripheral partners, but so far there are no criteria which describe the influence on the medical situation in the partner countries. The success of telemedicine can only be documented and at the same time the quality of telemedicine can be improved by the feedback of the clinician the user sending back this information to the consulting partner (experts). Unfortunately, about 60% of all requests from the "experts „were not answered and only 20 % of additional information in the form of supplementary images of further clinical information was send to the experts so that a discussion of difficult cases usually remains open and the diagnosis remains vague . The frequently used polite phrase “thank you” is not sufficient to document the influence of tele diagnosis on therapy. In future cases, please add the following information as feedback to the case later. 1 clinician accepts tele diagnosis Yes/No 2 clinicians implement the diagnosis in their therapy concept Yes/ No 3 clinicians report short-term follow up on improvement of symptoms or cure Yes / No Despite the additional effort, the measure can contribute to the general improvement of the medical situation and document the success of telemedicine. We ask for your feedback best regards Dr Gerhard Stauch
The encryption of this web site has been renewed and changed to using "Let's Encrypt" SLL certificate.
The iPath Network has now setup a new open discussion forum, titled Histology_Technologists_Forum for technologists in the histology lab. The aim is to build a network of technologists on an international level, which supports each other in all questions of the histological daily routine and provides a collection of experience. If you are interested to participate in this forum, please contact Anja Glock or
Dear user with yahoo mail accounts, please be so kind to adjust your mail adress in your mail account if you have another mail adress as yahoo.
Yahoo is considering the email alerts from as spam and is blocking all emails. As a consequence all email alerts and automatic notification for users with a email address have been reset. We will try to convince yahoo to allow email from again and will notifiy you here.
We wish all users of the telemedicine platform iPath a good start into the new year 2019. Let us look confidently into the future and hope that the upheaval in the world at the moment will only bring peace and security to all people. May it give everyone a decent life. Best regards the iPath Team.
We have now set up a closed forum called Hematopathological Forum for Research. This forum should be used for cases that are suitable for visual recognition research. Each case should be provided with a clear diagnosis. All cases are used by the forum members for purposes of repetition. If you want to contribute either actively (own research) or passively (contributing cases only), contact Monika Hubler and you will be assigned to the forum.
We are planning a research project on Ipath network and want to collect cases from the field of haematopathology and cytology. The material should be, either bone marrow smears, bone marrow histology, peripheral blood or fine needle biopsy (except Papanicolaou stains of prevention cytology). We would like to ask you to send these cases to the Haematopathology Forum, knowing that the images will be used for research projects. These cases should be uploaded anonymously. Age, gender, a short clinical report and possibly laboratory data, should be included in the description. At the beginning of the project, the specialized diagnose would be made, as usual on our platform. We would like to thank you in advance for your willingness to participate in this project. For questions about the planned project, please contact Dr. med. Peter Fritz, email:
Dear users of iPath, in order to use the huge amount of data on iPath, which could be applied for scientific work, we would ask you to fill in (form available) or set up "Follow Up" documents about the further treatment of patients. It is very important that these data, as well as all patient data, in your cases must be completely anonymously. Thank you for your help and understanding of this task. It is important for our consultants too, to get this feedback. These informations are essential for eHealth organizations operating in many countries. This is a way to document the benefit of our platform for people's health worldwide. If you need support or have questions please feel free to contact me.
2018-11-02 continues as a working platform as before. Nothing will change, if we can generate the necessary financial resources by the end of the year to maintain the platform in the future is the new homepage of our gGmbH iPath Telemedicine Network to show who we are, what we do and who will take over the administrative work of the platform in future. With the status as NGO our company has come to you with the request for assistance to secure the financial continuation of for the next years. Following mail addresses are available:
Symposium Bridging distance between countries: Telemedicine challenge and problems. Dr. med. Gerhard Stauch, would like to invite colleagues from emerging and developing countries and colleagues who are interested in improving medicine in these countries, to a symposium in Aurich. Colleagues from low-income countries will present the medical situation in their countries and colleagues from industrialized countries have the opportunity to present their solutions. Expertise, not only in the field of telemedicine, but also questions of intercultural competence are the focus of the symposium with the aim of finding new ways of working together. The exchange of ideas will also be the main focus of a dinner on 21.04. Dr Stauch cordially invites all participants on the occasion of his birthday. Maybe the symposium can be a small step on the way to a common world The symposium takes place on 21.-22. April 2018 in: Seminar Hotel Aurich, Grüner Weg 2, 26605 Aurich please find attached invitation / greeting word and programme on: The professional association of German Pathologists Registration is possible online:
Dear Users The main internet line of the iPath-Server hosting has been disrupted last Wednesday. The reason was a broken fiber cable. Finally, the ISP has been able to repair the broken cable and the iPath-Network is now back online. Please note, that since last Wednesday, iPath could not receive nor send any emails.
Most email notifications are going out again. However, yahoo is currently still blocking outgoing emails from the servers new IP address. We are trying to solve the issue with Yahoo, however, users with yahoo email addresses will still have to wait for notification messages.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Best regards Monika Hubler
If you notice any problems, please send an e-mail to
Dear user, it seems that the server migration is complete now. sending cases by email seems to be working again. should you find any trouble working with iPath pleasue send us an email.
Der users

the server has been moved to our new offices. Web access works again, however, email access is not ready yet .... we keep working on it ...

Dear users We have moved our offices to a new location and we will need to move the iPath server to our new locations. Therefore this server will not be online on Monday, Feb, 20th.
Additionally, we need to reconfigure the DNS configuration so it may take up to 24h before the server is online and available from everywhere.
The iPath team wishes all a happy new year 2017, successful cooperation, health and peace in all regions of the world.
Dear users, to bring more structure into our platform, to relieve the consultants of the Histopathology Forum and also to offer a specialized service, we have set up the following new forums in the field of Pathology: Neuropathology Forum, Gastrointestinal Pathology Forum, Mammapathology Forum, Häematopathology Forum, Ophthalmology Forum, Further special groups in other medical fields, like Cardiology, Radiology etc. are planned and will be set up as soon as possible. If you are interested to work in these new Groups as sender or consultant please feel free to contact me. Monika Hubler
Dear User, we have re-activated the WGO - Sudan Gastroenterology Group and would be pleased if you like to be part of the group as sender or consultant. The moderator of the group is Dr. Salwa Osman Mekki, MBBS, MDPath, MScCH.If you would like to participate in this group please fell free to contact or
„dear users, we startet a new group called „histopathology forum - pilot“. The purpose of this group is to give young pathologists the possibility to comment cases anonymously, so that they gain experience in tele consulting. The cases are copies from cases in other groups, therefore they all already received a comment from a experienced teleconsultant. The diagnosis of the consultant will be revealed when enough comments are written regarding the case. Everybody is invited to use this group for training purposes.“
The iPath-Network Online Manual is now online. You need not to register separately for the iPath-Network Online Manual.If you are Logged in on, you automaticly logged on on the online Manual Some chapter are still under construction. Additions and improvements are welcome. For supplements please contact
The iPath-Network Online Manual was jointly established in recent years by several consultants and iPath-Network users. Additions and improvements are welcome. You need to register separately for the iPath-Network Online Manual. For supplements please contact( This site will soon be available
For Interested User: 16:00-17:30 – WOC Instructional Course: “Muskuloskeletal Pathology and Treatment with a Paucity of Modern Equipment” (Caravaggio 1-2)
Dear user, we have extended our iPath Server with another 3TB of disk space. Hopefully, the new disk space will help us keep up with the growing use. Should you find any problems with the server, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Dear users, this server is slowly running out of disk space and we also need to upgrade the operating system. These maintainance work will be carried out over the coming days. Some short interruptions of the service are possible.
The problem is solved and the server is now fully functional. We would like to apologize for the inconveniece.
dear users at the moment we have a problem with uploading images to the cases. We apologize for the inconvenience and are trying to fix this as soon as possible. Kind regards Monika Hubler
Dear users, due to an over full logfile, this server has not been accessible today. The problem is solved and the server is now fully functional. We would like to apologize for the inconveniece.
The iPath team wishes all a happy new year 2016, successful cooperation, health and peace in all regions of the world.
Dear user of Dr Khalid Al Aboud Consultant Dermatopathologist of the King Faisal Hospital in Makkah, Saudi Arabia is the Moderator of the Dermatopathology Forum. If you are interested to participate and be member of this forum please register or contact: Dr Khalid Al Aboud as coordinator or Monika Hubler,administration and enduser support for
Dear user of iPath, Dr. Stefan Seidl from Hamburg has setup a New Colposcopy Forum to appreciate the importance of this diagnostic method. If you are interested to participate in this forum and to discuss cases and to share your knowledge with your colleagues you are invited to register on For an oral discussion, it would be beneficial to set up a Skype-Account. I would be happy to welcome you as a member of this forum. The instrument “iPath-Network” provides a great opportunity to inform about courses, give second opinion or to discuss guidlines etc.. For more questions and support, please feel free to contact Monika Hubler, administrator of this platform: or Yours sincerely Dr.Stefan Seidl
New Email Adress: Please do not send cases to anymore. Send all cases to the news email address:
The iPath-team wishes all user a peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year 2015

Due to the recently dicovered Heartbleed Bug we have patched this server to the latest versions of OpenSSL and re-keyed the SSL certificate.

The iPath team wishes everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year 2014
Finally the new SSL certificate has arrived and has been installed. The site should now again be properly accessible over secure http (SSL encryption).
Dear user, the SSL Certificate of this website has expired today. Unfortunately, there have been some delays with the purchase of the certificate renewal so that you will receive a security warning when accessing the site. However, it is perfectly safe to simply ignore the warning. The new certificate will be installed as soon as available.
Dear users, today we have launched the Portuguese translated version of iPath. We thank Robert Timm for the translation, and hope, that the use of iPath for our Spanish-and Portuguese-speaking user will be easier.
Dear Moderators, the "move" function to move cases from one group to another should finally be working again.
Dear User

On the new server there was a missing configuration to allow upload of large amount of images. This has now been restored to the same setting as before. Image upload should be fully operational again.
Dear users ... Finally the iPath data hass been migrated to our new server. It seems that now all functions are working again.
The server on which iPath is running at the moment is slowly coming to age. Basys Data has thus purchased a brand new Server which is installed and ready to take over the hosting of the iPath-Network. We are planning to perform this migration on Monday, Feb 4. We will try to keep the time for migration as short as possible but there might be short service interruptions.

should there be any questions, please contact us at
Please send all cases to the new email address

The old email address of University of Basel ( is still valid, but will no be continued.
Dear users, we would like to inform you about a few new technical developments on the iPath platform

  1. comment types: When submitting comments on cases there is now an additional option to specify the type of comment. At present the following types are available: comment, follow-up and Final diagnosis. With the option of specifying "follow up" comments, we follow the wish of consultants who want to know more about the condition of the patients.
  2. moving cases from one group to another: group moderators can now find a new button "move" in the toolbar. This new option allows moderators to move cases from one group to another.
  3. video upload: we are working on a video upload module wich will convert uploaded videos into a streamable format that allowed viewing the videos directly from the web platform. The module is not yet generally available, but if any group is interested in testing, please contact us.
Dear Users, as many of you may have noticed, there was a problem with processing email alerts over the weekend. Finally we have found the cause of the problem and fixed it. iPath is now busily delivering the email alters. Please note that due to the server load there are normally up to 1000 emails processed every day.

Due to the high load of emails sent today, the iPath server has been blocked for delivery of email to yahoo addresses. We have notified yahoo and hope that the problem will soon be settled. Currently there are about 1400 email alerts from today waiting for delivery to yahoo email addresses.

we would like to apoligize for all inconveniences caused by this problem. Kind Regards
FInally, the SSL Service and email import and automatic sending of notifications have been restored on this new server.
Dear User

After a hardware failure, our old server provider was unable to restore the server into an acceptable state. Thus we have decided to temporarily host all iPath services on our own servers. However, it had been necessary to restore all data from the last backup from July 13th 2011. Additionally, mail services and SSL login (https) is not yet activated on the new server. These services will be configured within the next few days. The rest of the system should be operational. Should you observe any problems, please inform us (Monika Hubler or Kurt Brauchli)
Dear user of the Histopathology - and Cytopathology Forum. We need more consultants which are willing to help with their diagnosis in a virtual Institute in future. To have a win win situation,  many groups in developing countries would be very thankful, if you could give something back from the benefit you've got the last years. If you can imagine, being part of such an institution please contact me Monika Hubler
Dear user

Over the last two days, 20000 cases with 190000 images have been transferred from the old iPath Server at the University of Basel. These cases are now accessible with your same username and password as they before. We apologize for any disturbances caused this data transfer.
Dear User

On January 9, 2011, some major updates on this server will be installed. Therefore this server will not be accessible on Sunday 9th. Please apologize any inconveniences caused by this service disruption.
This update includes a Java-Applet for DICOM viewing as well as many bugfixes around community administration.
The iPath Software has been updated to version 2.1.4 which includes the following new features:
  • default forms for a group: when a new case is entered in this group, these forms are automatically created and attached to this case
  • user list is filtered by community. if you want to see all users, please check the "show all" option
Prof. K.D. Kunze (kartu su K.Brauchli, G.Stauch, M.Oberholzer) savo pranešime "Telepatologijos konsultacijos efektyvumas ir diagnostinė vertė" demonstravo Lietuvos telepatologijos atvejus. Nutarta sekantį kongresą 2010 metais organizuoti Vilniuje. Tai didelis Lietuvos patologų tarptautinio aktyvumo ir bendradarbiavimo telepatologijos srityje įvertinimas. Kongrese dalyvavo VPC Direktorius dr.A.Laurinavičius.
Šiandien pradeda veikla nauja grupė "Patologija studentams", skirta VU medicinos studentų patologijos dalyko studijoms. Taip pat sukurta nauja tarptautinė grupė "Prostatic pathology forum". Kviečiame prisijungti.

2006 07 14 diskusijų grupėje pradėta publikuoti VU patologų tobulinimo kursų medžiaga. Jau galite susipažinti su seminaro "Plaučių nenavikinė patologija" atvejais (autorius dr.E.Žurauskas). Kursų dalyviai iki kursų pradžios 2006 09 04 gali savarankiškai studijuoti patologijos atvejus, rašyti savo diagnozes. Atvejai bus aptarti kursų metu ir tuomet atvejai bus papildyti galutinėmis diagnozėmis, imunohistocheminių metodų nuotraukomis ir paskaitų konspektais. Ateityje planuojama ir toliau diegti DISTANCINIO mokymo patologijoje metodą, kas palengvintų organizuoti tobulinimo procesą patologams neišvykstant iš darbo vietų 10-12 darbo dienų.


iPath platformoje pradėjo veiklą naujas telemedicinos puslapis LT TELEPATOLOGIJA ( Jame ketinama toliau vystyti distancinę konsultacinę ir tobulinimosi veiklą įvairiose medicinos srityse. Kviečiame dalyvauti.

iPath puslapio valdymas buvo "sulietuvintas", siekiant palengvinti darbą vartotojams. Žinoma, jei Jūs siekiate išorinės konsultacijos, rekomenduotina naudoti anglų kalbą.