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Extranodal MZL, of malt type; probable, M /49 (21877)
Extranodal MZL, of malt type; probable, M /49closed
Subtitle: Jejuno-ileal tumour
2010-06-23 19:19
INCTR - Pathology Anglophone Africa
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2010-06-28 10:45
Alhough the morphology is not good and the nuclei overstained my impression is of DLBCL with residual Malt areas
2010-06-30 20:40
The most logical conclusion in this case is:  
Malt lymphoma with transformation into DLBCL.  
However, we have to bear in mind that this is conclusion is based on rough morphology, and lymphoepitheloid lesions, which are the most important diagnostic criteria for Malt lymphoma could not be demonstrated.  
Anyway I am appending a ppt of a lecture on Malt lymphomas, you might be interested to present it.
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