Welcome to the Moldova Telemedicine Platform

This site has been created in the frame of the Moldovan-Swiss Perinatology Project that aims to improve perinatal health in Moldova. The project is jointly implemented by the Swiss Centre for International Health (SCIH) and the Association of Perinatal Medicine in the Republic of Moldova (AMP) and funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The Moldova telemedicine platform has been designed to foster information exchange and communication between professionals working in the health sector with the following functionalities:
• Create discussion groups related to various health topics. The initial field of interests of the users are telemedicine in perinatal health and health technology management
• Within each discussion group the group members can:
present and discuss cases (medical or others) in order to exchange information and expert opinions
organise consultation services where group members present cases to colleagues who provide their expertise as a second opinion.
• use the Moldova telemedicine platform as a Content Management System to collect, store and retrieve various type of documents in a virtual library within the fields of interest of each of the discussion groups.
• use the Moldova telemedicine platform for teaching and training purposes in the domain of health or health sector related occupations through consultation of medical cases, downloadable materials, etc.

Other interested professionals are most welcome to use the services provided by the Moldova telemedicine platform for their own benefit and create their own discussion groups.

The Moldova telemedicine platform is using the free open source medical collaboration software, iPath initially developed at the Institute of Pathology of the University of Basel, Switzerland. iPath is currently being used by many telemedicine networks in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

The Moldova telemedicine platform is hosted within the SCIH iPath Community server supported by the Basel based company BasysData. For further inquires you may contact the community administrator Mr Marc Blunier.

Getting Started
Professionals with the same interest can meet and communicate together in so called user groups. There are discussion groups which are open to the public and invite all interested people to join in. Other groups are closed and invite their members for participation personally. For a list of already existing groups click here.

Those who are interested to become active on this platform have to create a user account and register while filling in the registration form. After registration you will receive an email. Follow the instructions in that email.

Join an existing Group
All discussions and exchange of information on iPath take place inside specific "discussion groups". Please consult the full group list. To join any of these groups, please directly contact the group moderator mentioned in the respective group by mail. He/She will advice you about objectives, activities and rules applied in the group.

Create a new Group
For those who want to create their own group and who have already registered please contact the community administrator requesting to open a new group. The community administrator needs to know the desired name for the new group, user name of the moderator(s). When the group appears on the list, the group settings can be defined under Admin.

User Manual
An English and Romanian User Manual is available explaining the basic steps of registration, creating cases, provide comments etc.
Dr. Nina Hurwitz passed away.
“Unfortunately, we have the sad task to announce that last Easter Monday, one of the founding members of iPath, Dr. Nina Hurwitz passed away. "We stand on the shoulders of giants, that's why we can see so far," Newton said. This applies to Nina very aptly. It was she like no other in the last 20 years after her retirement to spread her shaping hands out into the wide world - including Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa - to teach our colleagues about hemaptopathology in countries with more limited access to resources hereby listening to theirs' and patients' concerns in often godforsaken places to finally start meaningful aid projects. Doing this, Nina consciously and unconsciously positively influenced the fate of countless fellow women and men: what a sign of humanity, and contrary to what she experienced in her childhood at the time of World War II and persecution of Jews. Her dedication to people was endless; in fact, up until two weeks ago, she kept in touch with friends around the world on her projects. Regrettably, a bad illness robbed her the power of continuing and she had to say goodbye forever.
Best wishes for a healthy New Year 2022
The iPath team wishes success and good health for another challenging year in which telemedicine was able to make a good contribution to diagnostics and therapy. Many thanks to everyone who made this possible. Sincerely for the whole team Monika Hubler
Haematopathology Forum
The Haematopathology Forum on the iPath Telemedicine network https://www.ipath-network.com/ipath is still open for all registered user. If you don´t have access please contact: Prof. Dr. med. Alexandar Tzankov mail:alexandar.tzankov@usb.ch Moderator of the group mail:monika.hubler@unibas.ch Administration
Happy and healthy New Year 2021
The iPath team wishes you all a good start into the new year 2021. After a very challenging year 2020, which was characterized by a global pandemic, the most important wish is, besides good luck, above all, health for you and your families, as well as our patients. We look forward to a continued good and successful cooperation. Sincerely, Monika Hubler
Please fill in the Follow up documents
How to fill in the follow up document: Click on the document, then on edit at the top of the sitet and fill in the inquired informations.For us it is very important to make statitic of the real benefit for the patients. That is the reason why we ask our user for these informations. I know it is really much work, but it would be a great help for us to get financial support from the governments of the countries for which our consultants provide support for doctors and patients.