Welcome to the Tanzanian Telemedicine Network

This service is based on a collaboration between
The goal of Tanzanian Telemedicine project is to provide specialist consultations to doctors in Tanzania. The service can be used at all levels from small clinics to university hospitals. We have trained doctors in 40 church hospitals to use iPath, most of them work in rural hospitals with satellite connection. It is possible to use the service also with mobile modems all over in Tanzania.

This co-operatoin is not limited to church hospitals but we invite all doctors in Tanzania to use this service.
We have over 34 volunteer consultants in different specialties and Swinfen telemedicine system is helping with their 472 consultants in special cases. You can find more information about our consultants in this link.

The simple guideline explains how to register and send consultations to iPath. You can click this link to read the guideline.
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Future of iPath
To find out more information about the further development of iPath, contact the following email addresses. Best regards Monika Hubler adam@pathologie-ingolstadt.de peter.fritz23@arcor.de