terms and conditions

please read these terms and conditions carefully and indicate at the bottom if you agree or not.

Terms of Use iPath-telemedicine Network gGmbH

By registering on the site www.iPath-network.com the following terms of use are accepted:

The iPath-Telemedicine Network gGmbH (hereinafter: iPath gGmbH) offers the supervised use of the platform iPath-network.com (hereinafter referred to as the platform) which is based on the open source project "iPath". The open source software "iPath" was developed at the University of Basel and released as a General Public License (GPL v2).

The platform is hosted in Switzerland by the company Basys Data, the administration is carried out by the iPath gGmbH. The use of the platform is subject to Swiss law, taking into account the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The platform can be used by the user after his registration and acceptance of the terms of use or after conclusion of a special contract for the discussion of scientific and diagnostic questions, for obtaining a second opinion as well as for purposes of research and teaching.

By submitting a case, the submitter agrees that the respective case data and the submitter contact details associated with the case (name, place of work, telephone number, e-mail address) remain permanently on the password-protected platform of the respective group.

Any commenter (registered user posting a review in the forum / group / community in the form of a comment on a case uploaded to the platform) agrees that by sending the comment his contact details (name, place of work, telephone number, e -mail address) remain permanently connected to the annotated case stored on the password-protected platform.

To use the platform, the user categories “Sender”, “Closed Groups”, and “Communities” require iPath gGmbH contracts. Information can be requested by e-mail from iPath gGmbH (office@ipathnetwork.org).

The different user categories are defined as follows:

  1. "Sender" means a submitter who uploads more than 5 cases per month to an Open Forum, so that this is considered as securing a professional activity. Submissions of a "sender" must / should be billed to the iPath gGmbH, in order to involve the iPath gGmbH in the generated revenue of the sender and thereby to secure the future functionality and further development of the platform. The remuneration per year depends on the total number of uploaded cases:

    • 100 € / year = up to 10 cases / month (50 - 120 cases / year
    • 200 € / year = up to 15 cases 120 - 180 cases / year,
    • 300 € / year = over 180 cases / year

    For “Sender” from countries that are classified as "low human development" according to the UN (http://hdr.undp.org/en/composite/HDI), a reduction of 30% applies. The regulations made must be in writing.

  2. The term "corporated group" means users of an institution with their own access rules. For these groups the fee is 300 € / year.

  3. "Community" means one to a maximum of 25 closed groups (corporated groups) of contributors from different institutions and / or different medical branches (for example, radiology, pathology, internal medicine). Closed discussion groups of NGOs, medical societies, clinics or institutes are basically considered communities.

    • The community amount is 2000.- € / year.

Beyond this, any further use requires the prior written consent of iPath gGmbH and the contributor and may be subject to additional remuneration.

Each user agrees to put any data on the platform only in a manner that complies with data protection. Personal data must be anonymized. iPath.org will not be able to access the data, but may contact the moderator of the group or community. The data can be used by the iPath gGmbH in consultation with the sending user for defined scientific purposes.

Responsibility for the user's actions resulting from the use of the platform, e.g. a derived diagnosis or treatment of diseases, is the sole responsibility of the user. iPath-gGmbH accepts no liability whatsoever for the accuracy of the data made available on the platform, for its protection and other content, nor for the effects of acts that the user has initiated, directly or indirectly, due to the use of the platform.

In the event of any doubt or dispute, the German version of the Terms of Use shall apply, which may be sent on request. Jurisdiction is Aurich / Federal Republic of Germany.