Welcome to the iPath-Network

iPath-Network is a web application service offered by www.ipathnetwork.org gGmbH. The aim of this service is to offer a hosted and supported platform by Basys Data Company Basel based on the open source collaboration platform iPath which was originally developed at the University of Basel. If you are interested in using a system based on iPath but if you do not want to take care of all the technical details involved in running your own webserver then please drop us a line.

iPath is a case based collaboration platform which is used in telemedicine application to share information within a distributed group of people. It is being used in the domains of "consultation", "teaching" and "research".

more information about this site will soon be available here ...

Happy and a successful New Year 2019
We wish all users of the telemedicine platform iPath a good start into the new year 2019. Let us look confidently into the future and hope that the upheaval in the world at the moment will only bring peace and security to all people. May it give everyone a decent life. Best regards the iPath Team. https://www.ipathnetwork.org/
Hematopathological Forum for Research
We have now set up a closed forum called Hematopathological Forum for Research. This forum should be used for cases that are suitable for visual recognition research. Each case should be provided with a clear diagnosis. All cases are used by the forum members for purposes of repetition. If you want to contribute either actively (own research) or passively (contributing cases only), contact Monika Hubler monika.hubler@unibas.ch and you will be assigned to the forum.
Research Project in Haematopathology and Cytology
We are planning a research project on Ipath network and want to collect cases from the field of haematopathology and cytology. The material should be, either bone marrow smears, bone marrow histology, peripheral blood or fine needle biopsy (except Papanicolaou stains of prevention cytology). We would like to ask you to send these cases to the Haematopathology Forum, knowing that the images will be used for research projects. These cases should be uploaded anonymously. Age, gender, a short clinical report and possibly laboratory data, should be included in the description. At the beginning of the project, the specialized diagnose would be made, as usual on our platform. We would like to thank you in advance for your willingness to participate in this project. For questions about the planned project, please contact Dr. med. Peter Fritz, email: peter.fritz23@arcor.de
"Follow up" document
Dear users of iPath, in order to use the huge amount of data on iPath, which could be applied for scientific work, we would ask you to fill in (form available) or set up "Follow Up" documents about the further treatment of patients. It is very important that these data, as well as all patient data, in your cases must be completely anonymously. Thank you for your help and understanding of this task. It is important for our consultants too, to get this feedback. These informations are essential for eHealth organizations operating in many countries. This is a way to document the benefit of our platform for people's health worldwide. If you need support or have questions please feel free to contact me. monika.hubler@unibas.ch
2018 Information about the new organizing institution www.ipathnetwork.org
www.iPath-network.com continues as a working platform as before. Nothing will change, if we can generate the necessary financial resources by the end of the year to maintain the platform in the future www.ipathnetwork.org is the new homepage of our gGmbH iPath Telemedicine Network to show who we are, what we do and who will take over the administrative work of the platform in future. With the status as NGO our company has come to you with the request for assistance to secure the financial continuation of iPath-network.com for the next years. Following mail addresses are available: office@ipathnetwork.org info@ipathnetwork.org